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We understand the acrimonious nature of family breakdowns; determining lasting power of attorney or desperately trying to negotiate wills, trusts and probate with unwilling family members can often result in near debilitating stress - especially where children or contentious financial matters are concerned.

We also know how at first glance, a seemingly straightforward dispute can be turned on its head by an untimely redundancy or employment law dispute.

Our family law solicitors work patiently, discreetly and sympathetically in this increasingly complex and challenging area of the law and have developed an impressive reputation in the area as one of the leading practices in this field.

We will ensure that you get the right advice so that you can make an informed choice. Whether you opt for conflict or conciliation, compromise or obstinacy you first need to know the law and where you stand.  From there you can choose whether to follow the advice and what decisions to take.

Even if you think that know the meanings of these words and phrases - Cross petition, grounds, annulment, judicial separation, decree nisi, tenancy in common, proceedings, contact, civil partnership, pre-nuptial, answer, freezing injunction, ancillary relief - you may still need to understand them properly and the way that you will be affected by their legal application.

We offer a free family law advice surgery every Wednesday 4.30 - 5.30 pm. Please telephone us for an appointment.

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