Heald Nickinson's dispute resolution solicitors offer expert advice and assistance - aiming to give you fair and fast action that can lead to the rapid resolution of a potential dispute.

Litigation can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. Even when legal proceedings are concluded, you can sometimes be left wondering if it was worth it.

Most people would prefer to find a solution to their disagreement rather than becoming involved in legal proceedings. Appropriate and early advice can prevent the matter escalating to litigation.

Our lawyers believe that the key to any litigation is identifying a settlement that both sides can agree to. We will explain the legal issues of your dispute and assist you in trying to reach that settlement. We will negotiate on your behalf, and provide you with professional and pragmatic advice throughout your matter.

If you are facing legal proceedings, we are experienced litigators, representing clients in the High Court, the Court of Appeal, Tribunals and other specialist divisions of the courts on all types of matters, both commercial and private.

We will identify the correct strategy for your case and provide you with professional, cost-effective representation throughout the proceedings. We will continually strive to help you reach the outcome you need.

To discuss your legal dispute further, please call 01276 680000, or contact us.

We also provide assistance with motoring offences. Please click here for further details