Employment Law

As employers and employees we all have certain rights and obligations. A failure to adhere to these obligations can be both costly and time consuming. Our expert team will guide you through the ever-changing employment maze.

If you are an employer, we will ensure that your contracts, handbooks and policies comply with current employment law. If you're buying or selling your business, we can guide you through the transfer process, minimising your potential liabilities. We are highly experienced in all areas of employment law including redundancies, dismissals, family-friendly rights and discrimination laws. If you want to ensure your team are getting it right, ask us to present a seminar on the aspects of employment law that concern you.

If you are having problems at work, we can help you through grievance, redundancy or disciplinary processes and explain your legal position during these processes. We can help you obtain any data your employer may process about you and we can help you find a way forward with your employer.

For more advice on employment law and discrimination, please call 01276 680000 or contact us.

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